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In 2020, Adopt-A-County Road 124 volunteers and PACT workers:

  • cleaned more than 78.3 miles of county roads
  • collected 297 bags of trash

Participants included:

  • 200 E. Neighbors
  • Friends of Portage Twp. Foundation, Inc.
  • Keen Family and Friends
  • Sue and Rob Klett
  • Kosky Family 
  • Kouts Lions
  • Lake of the Woods Club
  • Rigg Roadies
  • Shanta Family
  • Taylor Family Farms

Enhance the quality of life in your community and gain recognition for your efforts!

Download the brochure here

Adopt-A-County Road offers organized efforts for local groups, businesses and even families to make a difference by committing to maintain large areas along our beautiful county roads.

Funded by the Porter County Commissioners and facilitated by the Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County, this road cleanup program is similar to the State Highway “Adopt a Highway” program. The main goals of the program include:

  • having organized volunteer groups dedicated to cleaning two mile stretches of county roads;
  • providing heightened awareness regarding the negative impact of illegal dumping and the correct alternatives to properly disposal of waste; and
  • instilling community pride and respect for our beautiful rural areas throughout Porter County.

Adopt-A-County Road is easy to get involved in. We provide the trash bags and collect the trash and recyclables at the end of each outing. We also provide safety vests and “Working Ahead” and “Slow” signs to alert drivers that cruise past work sites.

Recognition signs are prominently placed on the adopted sections of roads, acknowledging the hard work of the dedicated volunteer groups.

For more information about the program or to sign up a group, please review the ACR brochure, call us at 465-3694, or email

There are many reasons why collecting litter alongside county roads is an awesome way to instill community pride and make a difference: 

  • Driving along clean roads is much more enjoyable than cruising roads littered with cigarette butts, cans, plastic bags, old shoes, etc.
  • Untidy roadways can actually decrease property values, deterring people from buying homes and discouraging businesses from moving into the area. It also could prevent people from patronizing businesses that are located along unsightly roads.
  • Garbage on the ground contaminates soil and ultimately pollutes bodies of water. Think about items like cigarette butts lying along the road. As it rains, the butts get wet and carcinogens leach into the soil. The rain can transport those poisons to bodies of water, contaminating our drinking water supply and taxing water treatment facilities.
  • Litter can hurt and even kill people and wildlife. How many times have you swerved to miss something in the road and almost cause an accident in the process? People also can pick up or step on broken glass, rusty nails, needles and other sharp objects. Critters can die from accidentally ingesting trash.
  • Litter is expensive. How often are our tax dollars spent on municipal crews called upon to clean up alongside roads when our hard-earned tax money could be used to fund other vital government services?