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Looking for a barrel to collect rain water for your plants? We recommend purchasing an upcycled barrel from Upcycled Products Inc. Click here to order one today!

Schools and community organizations in Porter County are invited to apply for a grant for up to two rain barrels. Here is information on our GRANT PROGRAM

These barrels are food-grade containers that were once used to ship olives and pickles. Not only are you practicing reuse, but you are reducing the demand for manufactured ones made from molded plastic, therefore reducing our need for petroleum, energy and other resources used in the manufacturing process.

Here are some great reasons why you should use a rain barrel:

  • By using harvested rain water, you’ll have less strain on your well, and you’ll save energy and money.
  • The chlorine in your drinking/tap water kills living organisms, making the water safe to drink; but it also kills beneficial bacteria in your garden’s soil that your plants need.
  • Environmental experts and sewer officials agree that any reduction of rain water flowing into storm sewers is a good thing for neighborhoods and the environment.
  • You'll be a role model to your kids!