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Valparaiso Compost Site, 2150 W. Lincolnway (Hwy. 130 – 1 mile west of intersection with Joliet)

  • Owned and managed by the City of Valparaiso with operational assistance by Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction. Loading handled by City of Valparaiso. Visit their website for further details. 
  • Click here for map.
  • Open Mon through Sat:
    8am to 5pm

Boone Grove Compost Site, 546 South 400 West (Hwy. 8 to 400 West, head north to 550 South)

  • Click here for map.
  • Times subject to change depending on the time of year. Please Contact the Porter County Recycling and Wast Reduction District at 219-465-3694 or for the latest updates about compost drop-off times
  • Open Mon through Fri:
    Noon to 5pm
    Sat: 9am to 4pm

Portage Compost Site, 6451 U.S. Highway 12

  • Click here for map.
  • Owned by the City of Portage with operational assistance by Porter County Recycling & Waste Reduction.  
  • Open Mon through Fri:
    8am to 4pm
    Sat: 8am to 2pm

In 2018, compost site visits totaled 24,949. Operating costs totaled $198,247 and includes staff and also material management of non-public sites: Chesterton, Portage (non-public in 2018) & Town of Pines.  





Porter County residents, you can do a lot of things at the compost sites:

 Compost and Mulch can be loaded from 9am to 2pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. (Compost is $10 a yard and Mulch is loaded for free.)


Please note: Rakes and shovels will not be available to the general public. Please exercise caution and continue to observe all social distancing guidelines.


  • Drop off your organic yard waste.
  • Pick up mulch and compost for your gardening needs. Firewood also available. Learn more about available materials.  
  • Bring a number of household items in for recycling.
  • Pick up a book to learn backyard composting. Just ask the attendant for a copy of Home Composting Made Easy. You can also visit this website for information, which is based on the book! 

It's easy, and it's free for all Porter County residents.

Non-residents, limitations and fees may apply, so please call. Only checks will be accepted for payment at the compost sites; absolutely no cash accepted. Contractors and landscapers, click here

Drop off (Out-of-county residents, fees apply)

The State of Indiana prohibits residents from knowingly placing vegetative matter from landscaping maintenance and land clearing projects in a landfill (IC 13-20-9-2). Most of your yard waste CAN be recycled into compost or wood chips. Drop off your yard/garden waste:

  • leaves
  • straw (not hay)
  • garden and household plants
  • limbs, logs, firewood, brush, branches; no longer than 6 ft. and no bigger than 12 inches in diameter
  • once live holiday home decorations, including pumpkins, corn, gourds, mums and Christmas trees
  • dirt, sod (Only at Valpo compost site; 1/2 cubic yard or less from households only. Accepted at the discretion of the site attendants.)
  • Grass clippings accepted from all Porter County residents at the Boone Grove compost site; only residents within the city limits of Valparaiso with a Grass Pass issued by Valpo Public Works may bring grass clippings to the Valparaiso compost site. We recommend grasscycling, which means leaving your cut grass on the lawn to decompose and nourish your lawn. 

If it is not listed above, we do not accept it. 

Drop off notes: 

  • Plastic bags and other such containers must be removed from site by residents.
  • No treated wood or lumber of any kind is accepted at any site.
  • Only small root balls with minimal dirt accepted. 

Pick up 

  • Take as much compost and mulch as you want  (We test our compost. Find out the results.)
    • Bring your own buckets and shovels and self load.
    • Available free to Porter County residents while supplies last. Call the district to find out availability, 465-3694.
    • Mulch and compost loading is available for Porter County residents. More info
    • Pick up free firewood
    • No power tools can be brought or operated onsite.
    • Bring your own trucks and self load.
    • Available free to Porter County residents while supplies last.

Additional recycling (* not accepted at Portage):

  • Household batteries
  • Old electronics (computers, televisions, cell phones anything with an electrical cord or run by batteries!) *
  • Fluorescent light bulbs (tubes and CFLs) *
  • LED light bulbs *
  • Toner cartridges *
  • Old media (CDs, DVDs, etc. No longer accepting media with film, such as VHS and cassette tapes.) *
  • Smoke detectors