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K–8 Programs:

The district is dedicated to providing FREE high quality, interactive education programs that meet Indiana State Academic standards to Porter County schools, grades K-8. Teachers, if you're not on our contact list, register your contact information so we can keep you up to date! 

Due to the Coronavirus, our Public Educator is able to deliver some programs online via Google Meets with supplemental video materials. Contact us for further information.

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Our goals include providing thought-provoking, interactive lessons that not only provide an opportunity to learn, but prompt continued inquiry. Our programs incorporate a variety of learning styles, encouraging students to learn through exploration, logical thinking and discovery.

Call today to schedule your programs, 219-707-8278, or e-mail Allison Andersen

Important Reminder!

We schedule on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to schedule your programs early in the year. Last year, most of our spring dates were booked by the end of the fall semester. We try to accommodate as many teachers as possible and have adopted a policy of one program per teacher per quarter (Sept.-Nov., Dec.-Feb., March-May).

Our programs include:

  • Edible Landfill: Students will make a model landfill in a cup, learning about the design and layers of materials used in the construction of a modern landfill. They also will learn about the factors that can impact the surrounding environment, including groundwater. Gr. 3-8
  • Wonderful Worms: In their study of vermicomposting worms, students will assemble a model of a worm, learn about composting and use magnifiers or microscopes to examine live red wiggler worms. Gr. K-6
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink: Students will learn about natural resources that are used to make products; materials that are recyclable; how to reduce, reuse and rethink; and see products made from recycled materials. Gr. K-7
  • Water Watchers: Learn about the history of Indiana’s water and understand how easily pollution can contaminate our water supply. Students also will learn how relatively small our supply of fresh water is and why we need to protect it. Gr. 2-5
  • Lovely Ladybugs: Students learn about the life cycle and body parts of ladybugs, the dangers of pesticides and a safe alternative. Each student will examine a live ladybug and release it into nature. (Sept., Oct., April & May). Gr. K-2
  • Dunes in My Backyard: This introduction to common plants and animals of the Indiana Dunes will teach students about habitats, food chains and ecosystems. They also will learn about the difference between pets and wildlife. Gr. 1-4
  • Lesson of the Lorax: This lesson reviews the basic needs of plants and animals and the importance of trees. The Dr. Seuss story "The Lorax" will be read, and students will act out the story in the form of a play. Gr. K-2
  • Pollution Town: Students will learn about their local watershed and many sources of pollution by using an interactive model. They also will participate in a review of the pollution solutions in their area. Gr. 3-5
  • Pollution Tunnel: Students will dive into learning about storm sewer systems as they transform into water droplets traveling through sewer pipes and into local water systems. Along the way, students pick up pieces of various pollutants that can contaminate lakes, streams and other bodies of water. Gr. K-2
  • Renewable Energy: Students will review renewable and non-renewable resources and the problems of nonrenewable energy. Alternative energy sources including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal will be presented, and students will enjoy an interactive activity demonstrating how electricity is generated. They also will operate a solar-powered device. Gr. 4-7
  • Garbology: The science of garbology will be compared to archeology. Students will learn about the scientific method and construct a timeline or chronology. They will examine clean garbage in small groups and come up with observations and inferences about people they never met. Gr. 3-8

State Academic Standards for Educational Programs:

Schedule your class program today by contacting Allison Andersen, 707-8278 or aandersen@PorterCountyRecycling.org.